Superclone Rolex Submariner Ref.116610LV 40mm Green Dial

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The Superclone Rolex Submariner Ref.116610LV, a wearable masterpiece that seamlessly merges the essence of timeless legacy with modern brilliance.

Encapsulating a 40mm jewel-like creation that invites enthusiasts to embark on an exploration of tradition and contemporary allure.

The enigmatic green dial emerges as a gateway to a realm of depth and resonance, a verdant canvas that cradles the enigma of both the natural world and human contemplation.

Luminescent markers, like luminous embers in the night sky, grace the green expanse, each radiant point a testament to the harmony of earth and cosmos.

Enveloped within its meticulously crafted encasement, the Superclone Submariner houses a mechanism that orchestrates the passage of time with an intricacy that mirrors the universe’s cosmic dance.

Embracing the wrist with grace, the bracelet evolves into a wearable marvel, each link a testament to the symbiosis of form and function.

Superclone Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610LV, an embodiment of style that beckons aficionados to explore the crossroads of heritage and contemporary brilliance.

Collection Submariner
Reference 116610LV
Gender Men’s watch/Unisex
Case diameter 40 mm
Case Type Stainless Steel
Band material Stainless Steel (Oyster)
Dial color Green
Watch band material Stainless Steel
Superclone Rolex Submariner Ref.116610LV
Superclone Rolex Submariner Ref.116610LV 40mm Green Dial
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