Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The difference between “Rolex Cloned” and “Rolex Grade 1” models lies in the specific characteristics and features of each category. Let’s delve into their distinctions:
Cloned Models – Cloned replica Rolex watches are created using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques. These replicas aim to closely replicate the appearance, functionality, and overall experience of wearing an authentic Rolex watch. Cloned models often feature advanced movements that imitate the intricate mechanisms found in genuine Rolex timepieces. The goal is to provide a high level of accuracy and reliability, ensuring a premium replica experience.
Grade 1 Models – Grade 1 replicas refer to the best replicas available in the market, particularly focusing on classic models that were produced before 2009. These replicas are crafted to capture the essence and design elements of vintage Rolex watches. Grade 1 models are sought after for their attention to detail, aesthetics, and resemblance to the original timepieces. They represent a specific time period and are considered among the highest quality replicas available.
At, we understand the anticipation of receiving your replica watch and strive to provide you with an accurate estimate of the delivery time. While delivery times can vary depending on several factors, including your location and any potential customs procedures, we can provide you with a general guideline:
For international orders, we estimate a delivery time of 9-14 days from the time of your order. This timeframe includes the processing of your order, packaging, and shipping. We work diligently to ensure that your watch is dispatched as quickly as possible to minimize any waiting time.
It’s important to note that unforeseen circumstances, such as customs inspections or delays in transit, can occasionally impact delivery times. While we cannot control such external factors, we will always strive to provide you with timely updates and support throughout the shipping process.
We recommend planning your purchase and considering the estimated delivery time when placing your order. If you have a specific event or occasion for which you would like to receive the watch, we suggest placing your order well in advance to allow for any potential delays and ensure that your timepiece arrives in a timely manner.
Please keep in mind that our goal is to deliver your watch as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service. We value your satisfaction and will make every effort to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, including timely delivery of your replica watch.
If you have any further questions or require more specific information regarding delivery to your location, our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.

At, we provide a comprehensive two-year exclusive warranty for all our products. We take great pride in our team of highly skilled Master Watchmakers, who possess over 20 years of experience working with Swiss Watches. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we offer this warranty service at no additional cost to all our valued customers.

We prioritize the needs of our customers and extend this warranty service even to those who may have purchased a watch from another source. If you find yourself in such a situation, we encourage you to reach out to us via email or our hotline. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you with any warranty-related inquiries or concerns you may have.

At, we believe in standing behind the quality and reliability of our products. Our exclusive warranty is a testament to our confidence in the craftsmanship and longevity of our replica watches. You can trust that we will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and provide the necessary support should you require any warranty assistance.

We understand that there may be initial doubts about the quality of our replica watches compared to other replicas available in the market. However, we would like to assure you that our Swiss replica watches are in a league of their own. They are far superior to ordinary replica products found elsewhere.

We take immense pride in creating replica watches that are built to last a lifetime. We have designed our watches with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that they can accompany you throughout your life’s journey. In fact, our watches are of such exceptional quality that they could easily be sold at retail stores for significantly higher prices than what we offer.

This is not a mere claim; it is a fact. Our Swiss replica watches are virtually indistinguishable from genuine Rolex watches. We employ the same Swiss ETA movements that are frequently utilized by renowned Swiss watch brands. This ensures that our watches not only emulate the appearance of genuine Rolex timepieces but also deliver comparable precision and reliability.

We want you to have complete confidence in the craftsmanship and authenticity of our Swiss replica watches. Rest assured that when you choose our products, you are selecting a timepiece that goes beyond the ordinary replica market. Experience the luxury and excellence of a Swiss replica watch that rivals the genuine Swiss brands.