Shipping & Delivery

Easy Package Tracking

    • We know it’s important to keep an eye on your order.
    • That’s why we give you a tracking number as soon as we send your package off.
    • With this number, you can check on your order any time, day or night, and see exactly where it is on its way to you.

No Worries About Customs

    • Our global network helps us make sure your watch gets through customs smoothly.
    • You won’t have to deal with any surprise fees or delays, making your shopping experience hassle-free.

We Promise Safe Delivery

    • We’ll pay for a new delivery if you don’t get your goods for whatever reason.
    • Your happiness is our top concern. If, on the rare chance, your package gets lost, we’ve got it covered.
    • We’ll send out a new one right away, no questions asked.

Returns Made Easy

    • If you’re not totally happy with your purchase, returning it is easy.
    • You have 14 days from when you get it to start a return.
    • Just check our Warranty and Returns page for all the details.

Quick Delivery Details

    • We send our watches all over the world, so everyone can enjoy them. Once you order, your watch should get to you in 2-3 weeks.
    • If you order something with extra gold or platinum, it might take up to 6 weeks.
    • Don’t worry about customs fees, duties, or taxes – we’ve got that covered.

A Bit About Our Process

    • Putting together your watch takes a bit of time because we depend on skilled technicians.
    • The whole process can take 5-14 days, depending on how many orders we have.
    • After that, shipping takes about 3-7 days.
    • Most of the time, you’ll have your watch in 2-3 weeks from when you order it. If you get extra gold plating, it’ll be 4-6 weeks.
    • We manage to deliver 99% of our orders within 21 days or less.

Sign For Your Package

    • To make sure your watch gets to you safely, someone needs to sign for it when it arrives.
    • If you’re not there the first time, the courier will leave a note and try two more times.
    • If they can’t deliver it after that, it’ll come back to us.
    • Just a heads up, we can’t send packages to PO boxes because we need a physical address for a successful delivery.