Rolex Day-Date Ref.118235F 36mm White Dial


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Introducing the amazing SuperClone Rolex Day-Date Ref.118235F – a 36mm watch with a stunning white dial that looks just like the real deal! If you’ve been dreaming about owning a Rolex but the price tag seems out of reach, this replica is the perfect choice for you. It’s like getting the luxury experience without emptying your wallet!

Why settle for less when you can have the elegance, prestige, and beauty of a Rolex at a fraction of the cost? Our SuperClone Rolex offers all the classic features you love, from the sleek design to the flawless timekeeping, making it hard for anyone to spot the difference. Plus, wearing a replica means you can enjoy your watch without the worry of losing or damaging an incredibly expensive piece.

Check out the specs below:

Feature Description
Model Ref.118235F
Size 36mm
Dial White
Material High-Quality Replica Materials
Water Resistance Splash Proof
Price Affordable

So, if you wanna look cool and classy without spending a ton of money, our SuperClone Rolex Day-Date is perfect for you. It’s a watch that will make your friends go wow, and you’ll feel awesome wearing it. Remember, it’s not just a watch; it’s a statement!


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Rolex Day-Date Ref.118235F 36mm White Dial
Rolex Day-Date Ref.118235F 36mm White Dial
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