Rolex Submariner Ref.116618LB 40mm Blue Dial


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Introducing our amazing SuperClone Rolex Submariner Ref.116618LB with a beautiful 40mm blue dial. This watch is a stunning replica of the famous brand, offering you the look and feel of a luxury timepiece without the huge price tag. Perfect for watch lovers who admire high-end design but prefer a budget-friendly option.

Our SuperClone Rolex allows you to enjoy the elegance and prestige associated with wearing a genuine Rolex. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday wear, this watch is guaranteed to impress. The blue dial is not just eye-catching, it’s versatile enough to pair with any outfit, making it an essential accessory for any wardrobe.

One of the biggest benefits of opting for a replica watch is the saving you make. This means you can enjoy the luxury experience of a Rolex without breaking the bank. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate the craftsmanship and history behind the brand but are practical about their spending.

Bellow is a table detailing the key specifications of the SuperClone Rolex Submariner Ref.116618LB:

Specification Details
Model Ref.116618LB
Dial Color Blue
Case Diameter 40mm
Material High-Quality Alloy
Water Resistance Yes
Price Greatly Affordable

Make a statement with our SuperClone Rolex Submariner today and enjoy the luxury feel without the luxury price tag. It’s a choice that is smart, stylish, and savvy!


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Rolex Submariner Ref.116618LB 40mm Blue Dial
Rolex Submariner Ref.116618LB 40mm Blue Dial
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