Rolex Submariner SUB Ref.116610 40mm Green Dial


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Introducing the stunning 116610 Rolex SUB Submariner series, a masterpiece of precision and style. This series boasts an exceptional one-piece ceramic bezel imported from South Korea, featuring scales that are delicately platinum-plated for a luxurious touch. The bezel’s emerald green hue mirrors the original design exclusively, setting it apart in the market.

Crafted from 904L fine steel, the case and strap exhibit a refined polish that ensures a smooth, scratch-free surface, enhancing both comfort and durability. The design prioritizes a sleek and strong aesthetic, ensuring that each detail contributes to a seamless and impressive visual impact.

Enhancements include a colorless double-sided anti-reflective sapphire mirror coating, achieving clarity and fidelity seen in the original models. At its heart, the watch operates with the synchronized original Cal.3135 integrated movement, complete with a blue hairspring and imported KIF shock absorber, with an optional 2836 movement available.

Dubbed the most cost-effective Rolex Submariner on the market, the SUB Submariner series promises perfection in every detail, offering an unparalleled experience akin to purchasing from a luxury counter. AVA invites you to experience the epitome of watchmaking excellence.

Feature Description
Model Rolex Submariner SUB Ref.116610
Case Size 40mm
Dial Green
Price Way cheaper than an original Rolex
Style Luxury that’s affordable
Use Everyday wear, looking cool




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Rolex Submariner SUB Ref.116610 40mm Green Dial
Rolex Submariner SUB Ref.116610 40mm Green Dial
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