Affordable Alternatives to Legendary Rolex Watches

Affordable Alternatives to Legendary Rolex Watches

Rolex. For over a century, this watch giant has pleased us with precision, craftsmanship, innovation, style, and status. It’s the most known and respectable watchmaking manufacturer on the planet. The dedication and attention to detail of the watchmakers, in conjunction with the appreciation and desirability of their timepieces, have made it possible to maintain the very best in industry craftsmanship, machining, and materials, so it’s no surprise that in our days, there is a large number of Fake Rolex available on the market.  

The array of most known and desired timepieces produced by Rolex SA includes Rolex Datejust, GMT-Master, Daytona, Submariner, Day-Date, Oyster Perpetual, Milgauss, Sky-Dweller, Explorer, and Yacht-Master. Among brand fanciers are sighted superstars, politicians, and athletes like Barack Obama, Daniel Craig, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Michael Jordan, Rihanna… The list is endless!

Perhaps you are a clockwork connoisseur or willing to take your first step into the club but not quite ready to invest a substantial amount just yet, so you may want to explore what other watchmakers have to offer. It could be a Rolex Super Clone or a model presented by one of the many other watch companies, that draw their inspiration from Rolex.

We’ve prepared a selection of 15 notable pieces offered by other respectable manufacturers that borrow the looks and have established good records while sustaining affordability.  

Seiko 5 Mens Automatic Watch, SNXS79K

Homage to: Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Price Range: $100-$220

Among watch enthusiasts, Seiko is a familiar companion. Seiko was founded in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan, making it the oldest Japanese brand in the watchmaking industry. The company is renowned for its revolutionary innovations, such as the world’s first quartz wristwatch, the Seiko Aston, released in 1969; Spring Drive – a highly sophisticated technology that allows one to achieve an unparalleled level of accuracy, Kinetic Watches – they transform movement kinetic energy into electrical, charging the built-in battery, that powers the quartz crystal, we can go on and on, the list is impressive! 

Seiko 5 is an outstanding line of automatic watches, highly appreciated around the globe, and has been around for decades. The number “5” in the name stands for the five main features these timekeepers include: water resistance, self-winding mechanism, durable case and bracelet, day and date display, and affordability. Particularly Seiko 5 SNX79X is a trustworthy everyday watch, and although Oyster Perpetual inspired the design, it’s not a Rolex Replica.

Tissot, Le Locle Powermatic 80 Mens Watch

Homage to: Rolex Cellini

Price Range: $450-$750

By the time Wilsdorf and Davis (Rolex SA founders) moved to Switzerland, the Tissot family watchmaking business had been running for more than 60 years. Father and son Tissot turned their house into a workshop, which to date has become one of the most respected, trusted, and appreciated Swiss brands. 

If you’re interested in a classic, timeless ticker that is both elegant and reliable, take a look at – Tissot, Le Locle Powermatic 80. It’s named after the company’s birthplace. Powermatic 80 is a proprietary automatic movement system that provides 80 hours of power reserve. You can see some of the insides as well as the self-winding mechanism through the exhibition crystal on the rear side. The casing, as well as the bracelet, is machined from 316L Stainless Steel.

Le Locle Powermatic 80 is a beautiful Tissot exemplar that can be handy on various occasions. Some may even call it an entry-level luxury watch, meaning it comes with a price that’s within the reach of the general public. From a distance, it can be mistaken for a Rolex Cellini, as both pieces carry a classic stainless steel finish.

Bulova Super Seville Day-Date

Homage to: Rolex Day-Date

Price Range: $300-$1000

Bulova is one of the greatest American watch brands renowned for craftsmanship, precision, innovation in watchmaking, and proprietary tools. 

In 1875, Joseph Bulova started a small jewelry shop in New York City, occasionally doing watch repairs; it took him 37 years to master his skills and launch his first facility fully dedicated to watch production. Soon after that, he launched the company’s first men’s and women’s watch collections, which were warmly welcomed. 

While Bolova’s styles were loved, he was determined to bring innovation, for instance, he set up an observatory on a skyscraper roof to calculate precisely the Universal Time. Also, Bulova ticker was among the few chosen by NASA to be used in the Apollo program and accompanied American spacemen on their fourth mission to the Moon.

The Bulova Super Seville Day-Date is a top-quality Rolex Fake, it holds a precise movement and comes in a lovely stainless steel finish, with a variety of dial styles and gold-plated versions. Like the Rolex, they feature day and date subdials, crystal cover offers a magnification partition over the date. These timekeepers have been out of production since the 90s, nonetheless remain desirable in the community.

Seiko Datejust

Homage to: Rolex Datejust

Price Range: $150-$350

Seiko’s lineup is extremely wide-ranging, and along the way of exploring its depths, you’ll realize that throughout the years, they managed to release quite a few timekeepers that bear resemblance to particular Rolex models. But even though several models carry some resemblance, Seiko is a self-sufficient brand. Interestingly, Rolex and Seiko are the only two watchmakers globally considered to be vertically integrated, which means that every aspect of development and production is sustained in-house.

One of the better-recognized options that have a beautiful Rolex look to it is the Seiko 5 SNXJ90, which is displayed on the wrist of Christian Bail in “AmericanPsycho”.  

At some point, it got mainstream in the community to modify watches, so nowadays, you can easily find on the market a Seiko Datejust MOD, suggesting that the watch was modified. The upgrade usually involves upgrading the dial, hands, crystal, and bracelet, making it more eye-catching. 

The Seiko Datejust mods are reliable and stunning. Moreover, modding parts are available online, making it possible to create your own style, assuming you have the manual skills and aspiration. But if you’re interested in maximum resemblance, it may be reasonable to shop for a Replica Rolex.

Pagani Design GMT

Homage to: Rolex GMT-Master II

Price Range: $70-$150

Pagani Design is a comparatively new player in the watch industry, originating in China, even so was able to earn its spot on the market by replicating popular homage styles.

It’s common knowledge that China is home to the vast majority of Fake Rolex producers, mainly because it has all the necessary resources to produce pretty much anything, while the authorities are willing to look the other way. Needless to say, that often results in poor quality, and those goods are presented in the gray market zone.

But Pagani Design chose the other way – promoting its own name. As a result, they were able to gain global recognition, even though their lineup consists of homage models – clearly inspired by luxury brands.

Pagani Design is a truly amazing Chinese brand that offers a wide range of homage models at a democratic price point whilst sustaining tolerable quality, using stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and Seiko’s movements.

At the price point of around 100$, you can expect some minor flaws in machining, materials, and movements.

The Pagani Design GMT is a solidly made, good-looking watch tribute to Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi” (which is one of the most iconic and desirable models), and got its nickname thanks to the red and blue bezel color scheme.

This piece could be a great choice for a college student, collector, or anyone looking to spare some cash while keeping their distance from cheap Rolex Fake.

Invicta Pro Diver 8929OB

Homage to: Rolex Yacht-Master

Price Range: $80-$150

Invicta is renowned for its endless assortment of bold and flashy designs while sustaining a democratic price policy. Founded in 1837 in Switzerland, the company went bankrupt in the 1980s and survived to our days thanks to new American owners.

Invicta Pro Diver 8929B is a fine member of one of the most popular brands’ collections – Pro Diver. 

Design: draws its inspiration from the Rolex Submariner, this particular model features gold plated stainless steel casing and bracelet, giving it a luxurious look. This timepiece features a unidirectional 120-click rotating bezel with black inserts and dial. The crystal cover has a magnification date window.

Features: 200-meter water resistance, luminous hour markers and hands for better underwater visibility, reliable Japanese self-winding movements, making it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

The Pro Diver 8929B is a solid, worthy everyday companion with the timeless design of a Rolex Submariner at an affordable price point. 

Orient NEO 70’s Panda

Homage to: Rolex Daytona

Price Range: $150-$350

When enthusiasts think of the Orient – an image of great, affordable automatics inevitably comes to mind. 

Orient was founded in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan, and preserved to our days as a part of Seiko Group. Orient operates as a separate brand within the group featuring its distinctive designs while benefiting from in-house movements and manufacturing.

The Orient Neo 70’s Panda out of the box strikes you with the level of attention to detail put into the case design and craftsmanship, which at this price point is hard to beat. The watch features a unique sort of milky color Panda dial, a solar-powered quartz movement, a black chronograph, and subdials.

Ticker size is on the large side with a 42 mm diagonal; when on hand, it strikes with presence, drawing interested glances. 

A good pick for those who like a bigger watch that remains comfortable and well-fitting, presenting a classic design tribute to the legendary Rolex Daytona.

Hamilton, Jazzmaster Day Date

Homage to: Rolex Day-Date

Price Range: $500-$900

Hamilton Watch Company is a Swiss manufacturer founded as an American firm, retained up to the present day as a part of Swatch Group, the largest watchmaking conglomerate in the world, and has earned a distinct spot in the hearts of connoisseurs.  

The brand has a rich American heritage; in the early 20th century, it became famed for its precision, attaining the title – “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy,” minimizing the risk of accidents. During World War II, this watchmaker ceased consumer watch production and focused on supplying the troops. 

The Jazzmaster Day Date is a charming piece for the money, being just a step behind the true luxury, like Rolex or Omega, carrying elegant and classy design aesthetics. The craftsmanship is solid; the finish has an attractive shape and lux, durable construction, and a unique date dial position set at 6 o’clock, with the Hamilton name engraved onto the rotor; the loom is there, but nothing like a diver piece, which it isn’t.

This great self-sufficient piece can be a worthy companion in any-case scenario, be it – a bar, college, business meeting, or a date ( you wouldn’t want to dive with them, though). 

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium

Homage to: Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Price Range: $500-$900

“Gold value at the silver price” is the Tissot statement, and that concept is perfectly traced with the Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium. Although it would be misleading to call it a Rolex Fake, it certainly resembles the Rolex Oyster Perpetual design language, making it compliant for everyday use. 

This timepiece features a 40 mm diagonal sunray silver dial, a golden mean for most Gentlemen. The 100 meters of water resistance adds a few points to its versatility and can accompany a swimmer, diver, or sportsman. Just like the previous Tissot watch on the list, this piece also features the Powermatic 80, which uses movement to self-wind and offers up to 80 hours of standby reserve. “Silicium” is Latin for Silicon, and here, Tissot refers to silicon hairspring within the movement, which allows for higher accuracy and has anti-magnetic properties.

Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium is a solid pick in the mid-range price, not too flashy, and more of a daily driver; it isn’t cheap but does offer good value and a recognizable name. 

Citizen NJ0100

Homage to: Rolex Milgauss

Price Range: $200-$400

Citizen Watch is a valued member of the watchmaking industry. This Japanese brand was founded in 1918, and the first two decades of its existence depended on technology transfer from Switzerland. But as their “clock got winded,” they became autonomic and brought many amazing innovations, and their ticking isn’t going to stop any time soon!

Enthusiasts praise Citizen for its accuracy, variety of styles, durability, and affordability. One of the most prominent developments watchmakers can boast of is radio-controlled Atomic Timekeeping in 1993, which allows for unparalleled precision.

Citizen NJ 0100 is a super nice and elegant dress watch for the price, featuring a 42 mm stainless steel casing with circular brushed elements and automatic movement, it can be found with a variety of dial designs. They come with a steel bracelet or a leather strap. 

This piece carries some resemblance to Rolex Milgauss, yet at a closer look, it is immediately recognized as a self-sufficient, eye-catching, shiny jewel ready to join you at a bar as well as a business meeting.

Invicta Speedway 200M Chronograph White Dial 9211

Homage to: Rolex Daytona

Price Range: $90-$200

Want to race with style? Well, who doesn’t? Here comes Invicta Speedway Chronograph, one more company’s take on Rolex, this time the legendary Daytona model.

The genuine Rolex Daytona was designed specifically for professional racing drivers. The first iteration was presented in 1963, adding three more generations over the years. 

The main hallmark of this ticker is a tachymetric scale bezel that allows the user to measure speed based on the time taken to travel a fixed distance. The demand for Rolex watches drastically exceeds the supply, and waitlist time is absurd for some models, providing fodder for the homage and replica industry. 

The Invicta 9211 uses a reliable quartz movement, resulting in easy maintenance; the stainless steel case and bracelet are durable and gorgeous, making this chronograph a true luxury on a budget.

Citizen, Men’s Citizen Eco-Drive Corso Sapphire Diamond Stainless Steel

Homage to: Rolex Datejust

Price Range: $250-$500

Stunning design, expensive looks and feel, meet the Citizen Eco-Drive Corso BM7100-59E. It’s not a flashy watch. Instead, it’s subtle and elegant, with a unique parquet pattern in the center circle of the dial.

Feature-wise we have the famed revolutionary Eco-Drive technology, introduced by Citizen in 1995. How does it work? There is a solar panel integrated within the dial, capturing and transforming light energy to electrical charging the built-in battery. As a result, timepieces with Eco-Drive onboard are considered among the most eco-friendly quartz watches. Cheers to that!

Other noticeable features include a stainless steel casing and bracelet, luminous dials and hands that provide an enjoyable blue glow, sapphire crystal, and a date window.

Despite the fact that Rolex Datejust inspires some design lines, this ticker is self-contained and stands far from a Rolex Replica.

Stuhrling Northstar GMT

Homage to: Rolex Sky-Dweller

Price Range: $200-$450

Stuhrling stands out as the most recently established manufacturer on the list, that just broke into the industry in the early 2000s. And if you’re bold enough to invest – have a look at the Northstar GMT. 

The piece is undoubtedly a tribute to the famed Rolex Sky-Dweller, shaped of stainless steel case and bracelet mimicking the unconventional “Ring Command Bezel,” featuring a similar dial, hands, and markers.

Good choice. Yet many still pick a Rolex Super Clone instead. Generally, they are a bit more pricey than your run-of-the-mill fake Rolex, but the stellar models, like the ones at, would take an expert to distinguish from the original.

Orient Kamasu

Homage to: Rolex Submariner

Price Range: $200-$350

Orient Kamasu is in the lead position when it comes to entry-level mechanical dive watch, being overall the best pick affordable Replica Rolex Submariner.

Features: water resistance of 200 m, case size of 41.8 mm, sapphire crystal, powered by an in-house produced automatic, comes with a 120-click unidirectional bezel, day date sub-dials, luminous markers, and hands.

It has everything you might expect from a dive watch at this price point.

Orient has done a great job with Kamasu, presenting to the market arguably the best affordable mechanical dive watch with a beautiful design and solid quality. 

Invicta Pro Diver 9210

Homage to: Rolex Yacht-Master

Price Range: $70-$150

Last but not least, a shiny gem from the Invicta Pro Diver lineup – a 9210 tribute to Rolex Yacht-Master. If you’re still saving some cash to get a Yacht, it may be smart to postpone purchasing an original Rolex.

Main features: 40mm stainless steel casing with combined polished and brushed parts. The same goes for the bracelet, unidirectional bezel, luminous markers, and hands, and 200-meter water resistance.

While it’s true that Invicta receives a fair share of criticism aiming at their design aesthetics, the Pro Diver line and 9210, in particular, aren’t found guilty in this matter. Quite the opposite, this timepiece carries a noble, timeless design, introducing shining maritime elegance while sustaining practicality and affordable price.

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