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replica Rolex GMT Master

Rolex GMT For Sale

The Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II is the ideal watch for travellers crisscrossing the globe. Its bidirectional rotatable 24-hour bezel allows you to display two different time zones simultaneously.

In 2018, Rolex surprised fans with a new version of this model featuring a brown-black Cerachrom bezel. The reference 126720VTNR was also the first to be available in Everose gold, their patented rose gold alloy.

The Rolex GMT-Master II Dial

With its bidirectional rotatable bezel and 24-hour hand, the Rolex GMT-Master II is a popular choice for travellers. This model was originally designed to help pilots track multiple time zones at once, but its unmistakable aesthetics and durability have made it a favorite for travelers and watch enthusiasts alike.

replica Rolex GMT Master

The Reference 16760 is the first GMT-Master II to feature a meteorite dial, and as a result it earned the nickname “Fat Lady.” This watch features a larger case than previous models, and its red and black bezel has become iconic. Never-worn pieces of this model are currently changing hands for around 16,500 USD, and pre-owned watches cost slightly less.

For those who cannot afford a white gold and meteorite dial, Rolex also offers a technically identical model in stainless steel. The reference 126710 BLRO is available on a Jubilee or Oyster bracelet and comes with a brown ceramic bezel insert. This model has superior legibility thanks to its Chromalight display, which emits a bright glow even in complete darkness.

Bracelet of The Rolex GMT-Master II

The GMT-Master II is a travel companion, with its bi-directional rotating bezel that displays GMT time in cities all around the globe. It is a favorite among wanderlust travelers, and a must-have for anyone who regularly crosses timezones for work or play.

replica Rolex GMT Master II

In 2021, Rolex introduced the reintroduced three link stainless steel Oyster bracelet on the GMT-Master II models, adding a more tool-oriented sporting flair to this already utilitarian timepiece. This option was previously only available on the Rolex Datejust series.

The new Oyster bracelet also offers an easy-to-use extension piece, which adds 5 mm to the bracelet without changing its appearance. This is very useful when the wrist expands during activities, but it can also be handy in cases where the wearer wishes to keep a shorter bracelet length. Rolex also updated the Oysterclasp folding clasp to the more practical version found on sports watches – this feature was previously only offered on the Datejust series.

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