Discover the timeless elegance of Rolex Blue Oyster: Unparalleled luxury

Replica Rolex blue Oyster

Rolex Blue Oyster Perpetual 2020 Reference 124300

A popular addition to the OP collection, this Tiffany blue dial Rolex is available in various case sizes. This 2020 reference 124300 is the largest OP that Rolex offers in this color.

It is hard to find at the retail level and comes with a lot of features that make it worth the investment. Let’s take a look at its specifications in more detail.


The Oyster case is Rolex’s iconic waterproof and dustproof design. It was first unveiled in 1926 with a hermetic seal that protected the mechanical movement inside the watch from water, dirt and debris. The unique threaded design compressed the caseback, case body and winding crown tightly together – much like an oyster shell – to create a seal around the watch. This innovation earned it the name Oyster.

Over the decades, Rolex would continue to refine this case design through rigorous testing and real-world trials from high altitudes to the deepest ocean trenches. Even as new watch families were introduced, the Oyster case remained at the heart of each model.

Replica Rolex blue Oyster

The Oyster case is paired with a Rolex Oyster bracelet with flat three-piece links and a fold over clasp. Whether in steel or gold, the Oyster case is an embodiment of timeless elegance and strength.


This watch showcases the new range of vivid colors that Rolex has designed to bring a touch of personality to its iconic Oyster Perpetual line. The Tiffany blue dial is complemented by 18K gold hands and markers, housed in a 31mm polished Oystersteel case, made of 904L steel, a high-grade alloy used in the aerospace and chemical industries for its resistance to corrosion.

Designed to withstand the demands of everyday life, this elegant timepiece is equipped with a smooth bezel and polished Oyster bracelet with flat three-piece links and a folding Oysterclasp. The self-winding movement, calibre 2232, features a bidirectional Oyster rotor to ensure the reliability of its chronometric precision.

Unlike the 36mm model, the 41mm Oyster Perpetual doesn’t offer any of the brightly colored lacquer dials introduced in 2020. However, fans of this larger case size will still be able to select a playful pink dial in the form of the Candy Pink dial.


The 39mm reference 277200 Blue Oyster Perpetual debuted in 2015, to much fanfare from watch purists. This new addition to the collection included a stark white dial alongside the popular blue, rhodium grey and black options and was powered by a caliber 3132.

The 36 and 41mm models have been updated to now be powered by the in-house caliber 3230, introduced to these two models in 2020. A consummate demonstration of technology, this self-winding movement is equipped with a Syloxi hairspring produced and patented by Rolex, and features a parachrom magnetic escape wheel. This results in fundamental gains in precision, shock resistance, power reserve, and convenience.

Replica blue oyster


Since its creation at the end of the 1930s, this particularly robust and comfortable bracelet has become the signature feature of Rolex watches. Today it is worn with the company’s famous tool watches, including the Submariner and Sky-Dweller, as well as quintessential dress watches such as the Datejust.

The bracelets are made from Oystersteel, an alloy patented by Rolex and designed to withstand the rigours of everyday life. They also feature the Oysterlock folding safety clasp, preventing accidental opening and a comfort extension link – the Easylink – developed by Rolex to allow wrist adjustments of up to 5 mm.

The colour of the steel used to make an Oyster bracelet is achieved using a technique called ‘sunray finishing’, where light is diffused consistently over all the links, for a subtle luminosity that perfectly complements the case. The same applies to the dials, whose colour is achieved through Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and electroplating. These processes are performed in controlled environments to ensure optimum quality.

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