Why is a Rolex Watch So Expensive?

Rolex Submariner watch

Unlocking the Mystery: Why Rolex Watches Command a Premium Price

It’s no secret that Rolex watches are expensive. But, why is that? It’s all about the details.

Rolex puts their watches through rigorous stress tests to make sure they are durable. They also have a lot of research and development labs.

They also sponsor many athletes and events. This helps to create brand awareness.

The materials

Rolex uses a lot of high-end materials for their watches. For example, the blue material found in their hairsprings is called Parachrom and it’s a proprietary alloy of nickel, zirconium, niobium, and oxygen. The alloy is also shock-resistant and antimagnetic which makes it a significant improvement over traditional silicon hairsprings. Additionally, the watch movements are made in house which takes a lot of time and money to develop and manufacture.

In addition to the steel, they use precious metals and gems that are subjected to a wide range of tests. The tiny parts have a very high failure rate during the manufacturing process and this adds to the cost of making the watch.

Rolex Submariner watch

To improve quality, they have multiple state-of-the-art professional science laboratories at their facility. They use electron microscopes and gas spectrometers to inspect the components. Additionally, they have a stress room where they can test each piece to the point of destruction. They have also developed a hard ceramic bezel that is nearly immune to scratches and does not fade in UV light, chlorine or saltwater.

The design

Rolex is known for its rugged, durable watches. The company tests each model to ensure it meets the highest standards of precision. The company even goes so far as to entrust their chronographs to professional athletes and teams to validate its claims of accuracy.

One of the reasons for this reputation is its commitment to innovation. The company has pushed back the technical limits of timekeeping, using new materials and techniques to create innovative watches. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the company’s exacting demands of its craftsmen.

Another reason for Rolex’s reputation is their philanthropic efforts. The company has sponsored many different events and sports, including golf, sailing, tennis, equestrian tournaments, and motorsports. In addition, it has built several bridges in Switzerland, including the Hans Wilsdorf Bridge spanning across the Arve River in Geneva. It has also donated to the city of Geneva and its applied arts school. It has also provided scholarships for students and sponsored the construction of a library in Geneva.

The manufacture

Rolex employs a large team of scientists and technicians who create some of the most advanced watch materials in the world. Their patents include Cerachrom (a proprietary ceramic), Parachrom (an alloy used to make hairsprings), and Chromalight (a luminescent compound).

Rolex watch

In addition, the company owns its own foundry and produces its own steel and gold alloys, including Oystersteel and Everose Gold, which is a unique blend that resists corrosion, wear, and fading. The brand also has a gemological department that buys, tests, and arranges the diamonds and precious stones used in its watches.

While Rolex uses high-tech machines to help with certain tasks, most of the assembly and adjustment work is done by hand. The company is committed to precision and won’t ramp up production if it means sacrificing quality. This attention to detail is a major factor behind the long waiting lists for Rolex’s most desirable models. The Air King, for example, was so popular in the 1940s that it even sold to RAF pilots as replacement timepieces after they returned home from WWII!

The warranty

If you’re going to buy a luxury watch, it’s worth knowing that the manufacturer has confidence in it. That’s why they offer a warranty. It’s a sign of commitment and a very high degree of confidence.

Rolex’s warranty comes in the form of a green card that has the model or reference number, serial number, date of purchase and land code printed on it. It also has the purchaser’s name and store where purchased. This is why it’s a good idea to keep the card when you have your watch serviced.

There is a lot of debate and confusion around whether Rolex warranties are transferable. Some ADs claim that they are not. This is to help their resale value and ward off gray market sellers who can’t get a new Rolex at a discount from an official dealer. The warranty does follow the watch, though. That’s true of all watches and is something that’s not unique to Rolex.

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